Token Allocation

ETHOS tokens will be used to incentivize usage of the app. There will be a maximum supply of 5,000,000,000 (5 Billion) ETHOS ERC-20 tokens, divided up to reward usage, token liquidity, participation (airdrop), education, and contribution to the ecosystem. Specifically, the tokens will be allocated as follows:

1) Usage Incentives: 35%

o Staking (over 10 years): 12%

o In app usage rewards: 10%

o Trading Incentives: 7%

o New Incentives: 6% [1]

2) Liquidity Incentives: 26%

o Liquidity mining over 5 years: 10% [2]

o CEX Market making: 5%

o LBA: 1%

o New Liquidity Incentives*: 6% [1]

3) Airdrop: 20%

o Up to 1.84% to self-custody VGX Holders, proportional to the total number of people self-custodying VGX as of the date of the snapshot

o Up to 12.83% to Voyager Creditors, proportional to the total possible number of creditors

o Up to 4% to Celsius holders and creditors, where the first 200,000 applicants get 1,000 tokens each

4) Non-executive contributors: 7%

5) Ecosystem/Burn: 12%

o Bug Bounties over 10 years: 5.51%

o Marketing over 10 years: 7%

o Ecosystem/Burn: 2%

Whatever is unused will accrue to a general ‘ecosystem’ tranche which will be used to further the objectives of the dApp.

[1] These allocations are locked for 4 years starting from the start of the LBA

[2] this may later be replaced by another mechanism in the future if it is deemed more effective

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