Introduction to the ETHOS Token

Welcome to the ETHOS token document repository. Here, you can learn about the role of the ETHOS token in the Ethos product. If you are a 'product nerd' and love detailed information, you are in luck! This token is a next-generation on-chain loyalty token, designed to incentivize and encourage self-custody of crypto assets. To achieve this goal, contributors painstakingly mapped out user behaviors and value flows with the aim of incentivizing and rewarding usage of the Ethos Self-Custody Vault. The spirit of Ethos and the ETHOS token is to return crypto to its roots of individual digital asset ownership and self-sovereignty.

The results of this process inspired the team to encourage and reward important activities including sign-up, app usage, liquidity provisioning and user retention. It also resulted in a greenfield innovation; a new token launch primitive called the “extended airdrop” that simultaneously rewards users for past behavior as well as future usage of the app while limiting immediate 'dumping.' Every reward is designed to create an engaging and sticky experience for the user, with the intention that after using the app enough it will become a regular part of the user’s life. The remainder of this GitBook document describes each part of the token economy in-depth.

It should be noted that this token has many unique characteristics unlike others. It has no rights to governance, cash flows, or equity. It is not a security token, and buyers should have no expectation of profit. The Ethos team is motivated by the success of the Ethos project, for which the token is designed to reward usage.

After working on this for many months, the Ethos Team is excited to see the product in market and for the project to come alive. As you read this GitBook, the Ethos Team encourages you to pay attention to all the fine details and to see how using the token in the app can actually make and save you money through its unique loyalty features.

The team plans to regularly update this document.

Last Updated: June 28, 2023

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