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The ETHOS Manifesto
ETHOS Manifesto
In 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto had a world-changing idea. To develop a "peer-to-peer version of electronic cash" where one always maintained custody of his or her assets. A world where finance was completely decentralized, and everyone could participate.
Satoshi Nakamoto
But Satoshi's decentralized vision was subverted with the rise centralized exchanges. And from Mt. Gox to FTX, relinquishing custody has led to countless meltdowns. Devastating millions and causing perpetual harm to crypto and its original mission.
Ethos Self-Custody Vault
Ethos has returned with a singular mission to advance decentralization. By finally making self-custody both secure and easy, the Ethos Self-Custody Vault removes the anxiety and friction that has always plagued DeFi apps, paving the way to make the original self-custody vision of crypto's founders a reality.
ETHOS is the official coin of Ethos
At the heart of Ethos is ETHOS, a modern, next-generation loyalty token created to reward Ethos users. But it's more than just an Ethos loyalty token; it's a self-custody loyalty token. Because by incentivizing users to always maintain control of their assets, ETHOS is helping to foster the self-custody movement and fulfill the original decentralized vision of crypto's founders. Creating a financial future that is for everyone.
Ethos. The future is for everyone.